In this stage, potential investors are made aware of an investment opportunity. Potential Investors are pre-qualified, and strategically targeted through various marketing channels, such as Social Media, Google AdWords, Content Marketing, or Networking Events.


Once investors are made aware of an opportunity, they will be directed to the company's website, view a corporate presentation or whitepaper, or schedule a call with a member of the investment team.


At this stage, potential investors will evaluate the investment opportunity by researching the company and its management team, analyzing financials, and comparing it to other investment opportunities. Our exclusive report provides direct access to this information.


After evaluating the opportunity, the potential investor will decide whether or not to invest. For some, of course, this will be the end of their journey.


In this final stage, the lead will convert into an investor by completing the necessary paperwork and transferring funds.


Investors who have converted will be followed up on and retained by giving them all the necessary updates, sharing company's performance, and giving relevant recommendations.

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Need GloBull?

Your job is to grow your company, meet your goals, and build shareholder value. GloBull takes the reigns in finding the right audience to hear your story. Our highly curated process using your company strengths and distinguishing characteristics to create a marketing program that is tailored to your specific needs and expectations. Do not fall into the trap that many companies find themselves in repeatedly…paying far too much for far too little. Your marketing strategy should work for you, not vice versa.

GloBull About

Our Strategy Creates Shareholders

Lead Generation

The creation, build out, and management of a lead generation system and CRM to communicate your messaging directly to engaged prospective investors.

Social Marketing

We deliver highly targeted media traffic to your social media feeds, using exceptional prequalified target markets, therefore boosting engagement and retention.


Telling your story properly is key to attracting the right type of investors, and our team of writers can help. Our experienced team will break down your messaging and present it in the most valuable and digestible fashion for potential investors.

Digital Marketing

Let us get your company noticed. We offer ad display such as rich media, static, and banner ads across the largest on-line investor publications and use online pull techniques including PPC, SEO, SEM, and re-targeting for maximum exposure of your company.

Website Creation

Your corporate website is the window into your company. Our team of industry professionals can help design the ideal site for you, ensuring that leads are being captured and communicated with are arriving at a compelling website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key element to our marketing strategy, as it keeps investors engaged. It involves the use of email campaigns and alerts to keep potential investors informed about company news, milestones, updates, industry trends, and more. When used effectively, email is an incredibly powerful communication tool that can build strong relationships with potential investors and shareholders.

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